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Saturday, December 13, 2003
So Spike TV held their Video Game Awards. I did not have much hope for it. After all it is on "The First Channel for Men" However, it is part of the huge Viacom media conglomerate who also own MTV. For me at least, the VMA's are still at least entertaining. The VGA's? Well, lets just say that they were much much worse than the G4TV show, G-Phoria which, if you recall, I wasn't fond of...

However, certain members of another media conglomerate must have seen another show than I did. They loved it. I swear, seriously, the COULD NOT have been watching the show I watched. The VGA's were the WORST thing I have ever seen in my life.

my research


First-Person Shooters Aren't Like Movies and That is a Good Thing --A paper about why Shooters aren't like films and how comparisons to them do a disservice to what Shooters are.

That paper was presented at the 2002 PCA under the title "More Than Moving Pictures: Developing New Criteria For Designing and Critiquing Computer Games. The presentation version can be found here. The handout I distributed can be found here.

Identification in First-Person Shooters

Flow in Multi-player FPS gaming (.rtf file)

my reviews

here are a couple of reviews I wrote for

Mark J. P. Wolf's The Medium of the Video Game.
Arthur Asa Bergers Video Games: A Popular Culture Phenomenon.